Epoxy system with a 2:1 weight ratio, easily applied, extremely reliable and in general ideal for all work both below and above the water line.
It has an outstanding quality standard and thanks to its fluidity it exploits a series of additives which allow its use in every type of work to meet every need like bonding wood – wood, wood – fibreglass, fibreglass – fibreglass and heterogeneous materials. It can also be used to laminate cloths of glass, carbon, kevlar onto wood and onto fibreglass, etc. etc., like Structural Filler, undercoat for painted or varnished, transparent or otherwise, wood, anti-osmosis undercoat, osmosis repair undercoat. In the 30 kg (20 kg A + 10 kg B), and the 4,5 kg (3 kg A + 1,5 kg B) packs it is possible to fit the dosing mini-pumps which dispense in single doses the correct resin and catalyst quantities to speed-up and secure the mixing and work. With the 1,5 kg pack (1 kg A + 0,5 kg B) micro-pumps with perfect dosing are available.
C-Systems’ 10 10 CFS has two catalysts (NORMAL and FAST which can also be mixed together to obtain an intermediate one), allowing adjustment of the working times to the climatic conditions (for example in winter it is advisable to use the fast type to prevent humidity and low night temperatures from reducing catalytic efficiency).
Besides the two above described catalysts, it is available the EXTRA-SLOW version with the same mix ratio; also this version can be mixed together with the other two.
In order to increase the pot-life, it is necessary to have an average working temperature more than 15°C.
In 750 g, 1,5 kg, 4,5 kg and 30 kg packages, special mini-pumps and pumps are available for a perfect dose in volume (they can be bought separately).

C-Systems 10 10 UV PROTECTION

C-Systems 10 10 UV Protection
– Epoxy system UV rays resistant
– Solvent free
– To protect carbon, wood, fibreglass and other materials finishing
– Same uses of 10 10 CFS (refit, lamination, gluing)
– Mixing ratio 2:1 by weight (100 g A + 50 g B)
– Mini-pumps for the correct mixing of A and B
– More coats in the same day
For an absolute and longlasting protection apply SPINNAKER varnishes.
To be used at temperatures over 15 °C. If the surface presents amine oiliness, remove it washing with water or wet sandpaper before applying a new coat (wet sandpaper is always advisable, in case of doubt).
SPINNAKER POLYURETHANE 2 COMPONENTS is the specific finishing for
10 10 UV protection.
Available in 750 g and 4,5 Kg pack.

C-Systems 10 10 Classic

Epoxy system in 1:1 volume ratio, with long mixture duration time and consistency of the slightly honey-like mixture.
It is particularly suitable to work on not dry surfaces, highly suitable for wooden hulls of boats in continual use which have little time to be on dry land, to be used as an undercoat, thanks to its high adherence on instable surfaces, and as a protective process that reseals the wood. C-Systems’ 10 10 is ideal for hollows in the rudder (and in boxed or inaccessible parts), with the addition of micro-spheres, because it closes gaps, prevents water logging, and ensures perfect maintenance over the years of the metal reinforcements, pins and screws.


C-Systems Epoxy Mix 110

EPOXY MIX 110 is a two component fast epoxy system in twin-cartridge, mixing ratio 1:1 in volume (400 cc size A+B), lightly tixothropic, with drying time of about 20 minutes. It is ideal for wood, fibreglass, metal and many others materials. Cut resistance for traction on steel, after 24 h at 25 °C, more than 60 kg/cm2, after 2 h at 50 °C more than 110 kg/cm2.

C-Systems Epoxy Mix 120

EPOXY MIX 130 is a two component fast epoxy system in twin-cartridge, mixing ratio 2:1 by volume (400 cc size A+B), black colour, lightly tixothropic, with working time of 15 minutes and drying time of about 4 hours. It is ideal for carbon composites for its strenght resistance. Cut resistance for traction on steel, after 24 h at 25 °C, more than 200 kg/cm2, after 2 h at 80 °C more than 300 kg/cm2.

Scheda Tecnica C-Systems Epoxy Mix 120

C-Systems Epoxy Mix 130

EPOXY MIX 130 is a two component fast epoxy system in twin-cartridge, mixing ratio 2:1 by volume (400 cc size A+B), black colour, lightly tixothropic, with working time of 15 minutes and drying time of about 4 hours. It is ideal for carbon composites for its strenght resistance. Cut resistance for traction on steel, after 24 h at 25 °C, more than 200 kg/cm2, after 2 h at 80 °C more than 300 kg/cm2.

Scheda Tecnica C-Systems Epoxy Mix 130

C-Systems Epoxy Mix 140

A two component epoxy system in twin-cartridge, mixing ratio 2:1 by vo- lume (400 cc size A+B), straw yellow colored, lightly tixothropic. Suitable for carbon composites, fiberglass, wood, metal, ceramic, marble and other materials.

Lap shear strenght (ASTM D 1002) on aluminum, cured after 5 h at 70°C more than 255 kg/cm2; on steel 250 kg/cm2, cured after 5 h at 70°C more than 350 kg/cm2

Scheda Tecnica_Epoxy Mix 140

C-Systems 10 2

Catalytic Epoxy system with 5:1 weight ratio. It has similar technical characteristics to 10 10 CFS, but a shorter working time for the mixture and a smaller preparation quantity. Like C-Systems’ 10 10 CFS, the 6 kg packs can be fitted with dosing mini-pumps that dispense the correct resin and catalyst quantities in single units to speed-up and secure mixture and work. It is extremely suitable for layering work because its rapid reaction permits more layers of cloth to be continuously applied.

C-Systems Epoxy Tixo (con catalizzatore multipourpose)

Catalytic Epoxy system with 1:1 weight ratio. It has a thixotropic consistency (thick as grease), long working time, perfect balance of load materials, it has exceptional filling qualities for non-corresponding parts, it cannot be beaten (easy to work, mix, apply) for bonding large decks (wood – wood, fibreglass – wood, fibreglass – fibreglass assemblies and similar works). It is also suitable to bond wood to metal materials, if correctly dimensioned.

Scheda Tecnica_Epoxy Tixo

C-Systems ET 40

C-Systems ET40 is an epoxy system with mixing ratio 2:1 in volume, similar to C-Systems Epoxy Tixo, but with a grater bonding power. It has 3 kinds of hardeners: fast, slow and extra-slow. It has a thixotropic consistency and it is ideal for structural bonding of wide areas, even of different materials, like wood, fibreglass, metal and compound material.


C-Systems ET 108

Two component Epoxy resin, similar to Epoxy Tixo, with a different mixing ratio) by weight: 100:80.
Thixotropic texture (thick like grease), long pot life (30-35 min), higher glass transition if compared to Epoxy Tixo
Suitable for bonding large decks (wood-wood, fiberglass-wood, fiberglass-fiberglass) and similar processed.

package 1,5 kg (834 g A + 666 g B)
package 5 kg (2778 g A + 2222 g B

Scheda Tecnica_ET 108

C-Systems H2 Resin

Epoxy resin homologated to build and protect fiberglass water tanks, wood, cement and metal (in this case previous application of Nautilus Epoxy Primer).

Mixing ratio 2:1 in weight (100 gr A + 50 gr B). Suitable for fabrics lamination and wood bonding.

Mixable with all C-Systems additives.

package 1,5 – 4,5 – 30 kg (A+B)

Scheda Tecnica_Resina Epossidica_h2resin_tecnica

Omologazione della Stazione Sperimentale per l’industria delle Conserve Alimentari in Parma

C-Systems 10 3

Catalytic Epoxy system with 10:3 weight ratio, dedicated to vacuum formed construction to realize prototypes and competitive products where sturdiness and lightness are determining for all work where long pot life (working times) and very high mechanical performances are required

It has a pot-life up to 6 hours (with ambient temperatures of about 20°C) and can be applied wet on wet for up to 24 hours. The first drying occurs in 48 hours and afterwards it needs to be baked at least at 60°C to achieve perfect cross-linking. In order to obtain this value it is necessary to put the product in the kiln and to increase the temperature by 10°C over each hour until the desired temperature is reached, and then to leave it for at least 2 hours at the maximum temperature. Cool it down slowly taking it back to ambient temperature.

For particularly complex and heavy or mass constructions the warming-up times can be adjusted, extending them according to the needs and in order to get the perfect “baking” temperature all through, and it distributed in a uniform manner without causing surface temperature differences.

C-Systems’ 10 3 with the seal U.V. and SL. present out-standing mechanical properties also when hardening in ambient temperatures between 20 and 25° C.

C-Systems’ 10 3 U.V. and 10 3 SL. show a noticeable cross-linking capability also at low temperatures. These types of catalysts are suitable for manual repairs, works and impregnation of light composite products using fibreglass, kevlar and carbon fibre .

10 3 U.V. The 10 3 resin with hardener U.V. proves to be an epoxy mixture with medium reactivity with a thin film open time of 2 to 3 hours, indicated for products which have to withstand U.V. rays and yellowing.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to finish the product with a paint with added anti U.V. and yellowing filters.

10 3 SL. The 10 3 resin with SL hardener has a thin film open time of 3 to 4 hours with the best thermal performances and average usage time. It is indicated for vacuum bag impregnations of medium sized products (30-50 square metres). At temperatures from 20 to 25° C C-Systems’ 10 3 with U.V. or SL seal can noticeably improve its thermal resistance with post-hardening cycles at moderate temperature (e.g. after 7 days at 25° C a thermal resistance of 58° C is achieved while by applying heat afterwards for 15 hours at 60° C a thermal resistance of 90° C is achieved). This allows the realization of large surface composites with a limited deformation risk even without positioning on the mask during post-hardening, as the products’ thermal resistance is always higher than the applied temperature.

-A potential thermal resistance up to 130°C allows the realization of post-hardened products at moderate temperatures which are though going to improve their thermal resistance without collapsing in critical situations (like super light aircrafts or black products with surface temperature of even 80°C).

Scheda Tecnica C-Systems 10 3

C-Systems Steel Blue

It is a two-pack epoxy system enriched with abrasive aggregates, tough and resistant to thermal shocks. It can be cast and it fills bases, concealed spaces, etc.

Thanks to its high dimensional stability and the practically zero shrinkage (from 0.2 to 0.7 per thousand) this resin can be cast on metal, wood, and fibreglass without causing its detachment because of different expansion rates, also where thermal resistance is necessary. C-Systems’ Steel Blue is particularly resistant to contact with mineral oils, solvents and chemical products in general. Thanks to its special surface hardness it behaves in an optimum way even when it is exposed to a mechanical abrasive action. It has a compression resistance higher than 1300 kg./cm2. and is indicated for works on metal where supports and stands have to be aligned.

C-Systems Core-Bond

Epoxy system, castable, to restructure the inside of fibreglass decks, to fill and restructure rudders, to fill and restructure expanded omega and side members in fibreglass constructions and for all works where it is necessary to give new structure to sandwich constructions which show signs of tiredness and detachment.

C-Systems’ CORE-BOND has a specific weight less than 1 when mixed.

The weight mixing ratio is 100 + 25. The working time is about 2 hours when mixed and at 20 C° temperature. Lower temperatures extend its life time, higher temperature reduce it. Do not work under 10 C° or above 30 C°. In order to apply CORE-BOND in the deck sandwich it is necessary to define the working area by measuring the possible internal moisture with the SKINDER instrument, calculating the space between the two “skins” and calculating the volume to be filled. Then it is necessary to make some holes (possibly in the glossy part where the non-skid print is) with a diameter at least of 15 mm, through these holes it is possible to insert an “L” shaped iron (the roller handle is very suitable) and to turn it in order to crush the detached part (in case of balsa wood it is often completely rotted) and then to eliminate the remainders with a vacuum cleaner. Then, with the cleaned part (when there is a strong internal moisture wait for some days to obtain a good dry-out) it is possible to pour C-Systems’ CORE-BOND to reconstruct completely the entire part with all necessary structural resistance.

The long pot-life allows CORE-BOND to have an invasive action into the smallest spaces and to connect them forming a single structure bonding all possible sandwich materials. C-Systems’ CORE-BOND is solvent-free and for this reason it does not create any gas, and it does not destroy non-solvent resistant materials. Once applied, C-Systems’ CORE-BOND can be walked upon after 24 hours at 20 C° and after 48 hours at 10 C°. It reaches an 80% performance after about 3 days and complete cross-linking after 7 days.

Scheda Tecnica C-Systems 10 3

C-Systems Gel Coat

E’ un gel coat epossidico, solvent free- senza solvente- a basso peso specifico, di colore bianco o giallo, con grande tempo di utilizzo dopo la miscelazione, disponibile in confezione da 2,5 kg (2 kg di A + 0,5 kg di B). 100% solido. E’ specifico per la facilità di applicazione, alto spessore ottenibile anche in verticale, assenza di ritiro, per la protezione delle sentine, dei gavoni, dei ripostigli e le eliminare anche l’odore della vetroresina. E’ consigliabile applicarlo in tutte le parti interne ancora accessibili perché con una sola applicazione, di facilissima esecuzione, rende ogni superficie irregolare e “scabrosa” perfettamente omogenea e caramellata, di grandissimo effetto estetico e soprattutto funzionale.

confezione da 2,5 kg – disponibile nei colori Bianco e Giallo

Scheda Tecnica Gelcoat_light

C-Systems 10 10 Super Fast

Super fast epoxy system (20 minutes setting) with a 1:1 weight ratio (packs for a total of 500 g). It is outstanding to glue in a fast and safe way all onboard items, to work in a safe and professional way with frames, tapestry, plastic, fibreglass, wood, leather, rubber etc. It is extremely reliable, safe, efficient and necessary for all finishing work where it reduces working and installation time.

Scheda Tecnica C-Systems 10 10 Super Fast