Epoxy Chocking Compound Resin

C-Systems STEEL Blue is a two-component epoxy developed and formulated for alignment, incorporation, both in the marine, industrial and technical sector.

STEEL Blue is filled with inert materials, solvent free, 100% solid content (no shrinking),

STEEL Blue has a very high compressive strength, thermal shock resistance, and high resistance even under extreme conditions such as crash, vibration, traction, or in presence of water and oils. STEEL Blue creates the chock, a perfect support for the alignment without needing the classic metal wedges which instead require skilled labor and a long period of running.

STEEL Blue, at the same time, offers a perfect and permanent support interface. STEEL Blue has practically no shrinkage. ASTM D 2566 – shows on a length of 881.4 mm with a thickness of 30 mm after 7 days aging at 25° C constant, a shrinkage of 0,04% equal to 881,06 mm. Length and height were laser measured.

STEEL Blue is partner of many shipyards and industrial sites, recommended by technical operators. STELL Blue has a widespread capacity to precisely and quickly conform to the smallest details and to fill the smallest cleft.

The choice, reliability and advantages of STEEL Blue are due to: Technical features Easy preparation Easy application Availability Fast shipment Technical assistance, also by phone

STEEL Blue was developed to fill, leveling, align, casting main machines and supports.

STEEL Blue is designed to create engines basements also with differentiated supports, generators, gear boxes, inverters, strut, surface drives support, sail drive alignment, through-hull stern tubes shaft, winches, interface for chain plates joints, interface for bulbs and keels, interface for anchors shields, etc

Package 9,010 kg (8.535 g A + 475 g B)

Colore Blu – Yellow

Volume 4,83 L

STEEL Blue PDA relaese by ABS

 Tecnical Data Sheet STEEL BLUE

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STEEL Blue YELLOW is obtained by mixing the yellow base A with the red component B and turning into orange. The contrast of colors allows you to easily and immediately verify the correctness of the mixing and if applied in a poorly luminous area allows the simplest verification of the product.

Pull Out Test

Detail of the resin sample arrangement for PULL OUT test (M24 – H 45mm)

Test chart

Diagram representing the total loading in VS extraction depth. 

Andamento della forza di estrazione al variare della profondità di interismento del perno.

Sample M 24-H 45 and M24-H25 after the pull out test.

Application simulations

Typical workings