The C-Systems epoxy resins can be enriched (mixed) with “powders” (additives) which result in products with different characteristics compared to those of the normal resin mixture A with catalyst B. Additives meet in the best way the needs and work necessary on our boat and, if mixed together “dry” they also create a “new” powder with intermediate characteristics.


is a very fine white powder which is like filaments with a low specific weight, if these fibres are added in small proportion (volume 10% to 12%) to the composed resin (A + B) they lightly increase its density giving the glued parts like the battens, fixings, etc. more body and by maintaining a higher resin quantity which it gives to those woods which can absorb it, and forms a more homogeneous and resistant joint. Having a higher quantity means that the resin can be applied with a spatula and remain in vertical position.

The natural micro fibres are also used as a thickener for C-systems’ 10 10 Classic when this resin has to be used as a filler. When you want to “lighten” you first add white micro spheres (volume 50-70%) to C-systems’ 10 10 Classic and then progressively add small quantities of Natural Micro Fibres in several goes in order to obtain the desired thickness. The obtained paste can be used to connect angled surfaces (an aesthetically valid result is achieved by using a laminate rounded to the required radius), to fill screw holes, which distorted the wood, small areas of peeled plywood (a larger quantity is applied, and then it is levelled by sanding), dents and missing edges of wood. It is advisable to apply the mixture prepared in this way onto a previous application of the same pure resin mix (A + B) applied on the part in question for at least 10 to 20 minutes.

If the application was made more than 24-48 hours ago it is necessary to finely wet sand the part before carrying out the final intervention. Natural micro fibres, mixed “dry” in a 5 to 1 ratio with powder “in the quality of wood to fill” are ideal, with C-systems to carry out repairs in “visible” places.

confezioni da 1,5 – 5 – 25 L


are a very fine filament like crushed glass, premixed, to remain also vertical like a filler when added in quantities of about 50-60% by weight. It is to be combined with the C-systems’ 10 10 CFS resin or C-systems’ 10 2. By continually adding and mixing it changes from a honey like and casting state to a thick state.

When it is honey-like it can be used as casting in the base of the stanchion holes when they are broken, because it creates a structure similar to fibreglass, which can later be bored to receive self-threading parts. The thick paste (with 50-60% weight of mineral micro fibre) is very suitable to reconstruct chipped gelcoat or fibreglass parts (stern board, dents to the bow, on the fender rail and on all corners in general). The paste made in this way becomes more resistant than any other filling because the additive gives a “weave” and much more resistance.

confezioni da 0,5 – 2,5 kg

Addensante n.2

is the ideal thickener for C-systems’ 10 10 CFS and C-systems’ 10 2. It is a very fine, light white powder which thickens to a spreadable paste, and by adding a another dense additive to turn liquid materials up to 1.400 cps (liquid materials with a thickness similar to motor oil) into pastes (thixotropic, also by using a simple stick). The thickener n° 2 has a very low specific weight and 5 to 10% in weight are enough to make C-systems’ 10 10 CFS or C-systems’ 10 2 thixotropic. It is very suitable in the construction phase because the surfaces to glue (wood or fibreglass) are to be treated with a pure resin coat (A+B) adding a small amount of Thickener n° 2 to the remaining resin until it becomes like a liquid yoghurt, and spread on the surfaces to be glued it usefully fills spaces between not perfectly aligned parts, to fill any small gaps and to make the bond and the entire work more resistant and stronger.

If the thickener is added until icecream consistency is obtained, the mixture created in this way if joining two flat surfaces which form a T, after drying, will be so strong to become more resistant than wood or marineply or even GRP. This possibility allows the carrying out of repairs, constructions, interventions that are resolute and reliable over time.

confezioni da 1,5 – 5 – 25 L

Microfiller Powder

is a unique pre-mixed high quality product, its very easy to apply and, when progressively added and mixed with C-systems’ 10 10 CFS or C-systems’ 10 2, it increases their volume (because it contains white micro spheres) and it slowly becomes a thick-paste (thixotropic) to be applied also vertically. Microfiller powder is a very easy to apply and sand filler; it can be applied several centimetres thick in only one coat (for example to join angles and fill gaps) reducing work and boat downtime. It is also suitable for underwater parts and to make angled threads where it develops a very strong hold and fatigue resistance becoming structurally one with the treated parts. It can be compared to the product obtained separately with white Micro Spheres and Thickener n° 2 but it is much lighter and homogenous in structure and easier to be prepared. The small price difference justifies its use even when only one pack has to be bought.
If we think deeply about the structure of the product obtained in this way we will discover that adding Microfiller Powder for every C-systems CFS linear millimetre we create about 18 to 25 non-interconnecting air chambers (from 400 to 600 per square millimetre and from 5,000 to 15,000 per cubic millimetre!!!), that is to say we create a closed cell which does not absorb water because their thickness is fractioned and independent. We will obtain an ultra light filler, which can be applied very thickly, suitable to fill big imperfections with only one pass, and mainly it can be easily sanded, ideal also for parts under water. The result can be compared to a cuttlefish bone, which is light, resistant, non-deformable, self-bearing, unchangeable. This protection applied on screw and nails heads of wooden boats ensures perfect water tightness for metal and therefore no corrosion over time, guaranteeing a perfect hold for the entire structure (see descriptive wood section). Microfiller Powder is very suitable to make large diameter joins and threads on all non-aligned surfaces because it keeps the wood unchanged guaranteeing moisture and damp protection; as opposed to normal fillers, despite its lightness, it has a strong hold and mechanical resistance. It is suitable to bond “T” parts.

confezioni da 1,5 – 5 – 25 L


have the same characteristics as the previous ones, but they are of phenolic origin, are burnt brown in colour, even lighter and have a slightly higher cost-volume. They present the advantage to be easier to be sanded and to have an even finer grain. Many, if not all American Cup 12 M boats (constructed in aluminium) and many of the present Class use them to create very thick fillers, to start, and adjust the tonnage reading. They can be easily “planed” and are ideal for some repairs of the varnish on mahogany and cedar wood, because they have similar shades.

confezione da 1,5 L


are glass spheres of high quality and purity, they are empty and very light. In order to give an idea about their structure we can think about almost microscopic, perfectly spherical and very light ping-pong balls. If added directly to the mixed resin (A+B) by up to 50-70% volume, they reduce remarkably their specific weight (they weigh less than 300 g/l) and because of this ratio they pour like a yoghurt and are ideal for casting into hollow or slightly concave parts where no condensation can appear or backwatering. In order to improve work and mixing, our micro spheres are “treated” with silanes to prevent volatility and to be better combined with epoxy resins.

confezioni da 1,5 – 5 – 25 L

Microfiller Black

Pesa poco più del Microfiller Powder, ma è pigmentato in nero. E’ ideale per i comenti su compensato rigato, pavimenti di legno di abitazioni e negozi dove si voglia evocare il “nero della gomma”. Ha l’enorme vantaggio che la successiva verniciatura trasperente anche in zone di grande traffico non tende a “criccare – rompersi” in corrispondenza del comento di gomma. Lasciato al naturale, senza protezione, non scolorisce e non spande il colore quando calpestato o lavato anche con saponi “forti”. Si integra perfettamente con le doghe di legno e le unisce fortemente.

confezione da 5 L

A20 Microshields – Additivo antiosmosi

is a black powder, graphite based, to be added in a proportion of 20% to the C-systems’ 10 10 Classic resin, C-systems’ 10 10 CFS or C-systems’ 10 2 to increase even more its resistance against crazing, scratches, and to make less permeable as it is water repellent.
It is to be added with as 20% of total weight of 100 gr. resin and hardener. Each A 20 pack contains a plastic spoon. In C-systems’ 10 10 CFS 4,5 kg pack for every dose of A+B an A 20 full spoon is to be added after mixing the resin with the hardener well. Therefore for 5 dosing cycles, after mixing, 5 full A 20 spoons are to be added. For the C-systems’ 10 10 CFS 1,5 kg pack a spoon is to be added every four alternated A + B cycles.
With C-systems’ 10 2 in 6 kg packs, 2 full spoon quantities are to be added after 3 A + B doses, and are to be mixed well.
This is due to the fact that a smaller resin amount per cycle is supplied.
The A 20 additive is applied in the final coats after filling.
A 20 also makes the resin less runny, and for every coat more than around 200 microns can be applied vertically.

confezione da 400 g – 1 kg

A30 White Microshields – Additivo antiosmosi

 Ha la stessa caratteristica del tipo precedente (A20 Microshields). A30 microshield  è una polvere finissima di colore “biancoperla” che aggiunta alla resina C-Systems 10 10 CFS la rende tixotropica (densa) e idonea a restare anche in verticale fino ad oltre 150 micron di spessore per mano.
Si può alternare alla A20 microshield perchè il colore di contrasto, bianco su nero, permette una corretta sovrapposizione.
Ha caratteristiche impermeabilizzanti che impediscono il passaggio di umidità.
Si usa aggiungendola in rapporto del 30% in peso al C-Systems 10 10 CFS già miscelato e ben mescolato.
Nella confezione da 4,5 kg e 30 kg, per ogni ciclo di pompate (una di A + una di B) si aggiungono 1 cucchiaio e 1/2 di A30 microshield.
Nella confezione da 1,5 kg ogni quattro cicli di pompate (due di A + una di B e così per quattro volte) si aggiungono 1 cucchiaio e 1/2 di A30 microshield.

confezioni da 400 g – 1 kg

No Fire Powder

 Polvere speciale fire-retardant (antifuoco).
No Fire Powder è una polvere, finemente micronizzata, che viene aggiunta al C-Systems 10 10 CFS per ottenere un rivestimento che una volta essiccato non propaga fiamma. E’ particolarmente idoneo per il vano motore e le parti adiacenti e deve essere miscelato con una proporzione dal 100 al 150% in peso. Vale a dire, ogni 100 gr. di resina 10 10 CFS miscelata, aggiungere circa 100 – 150 gr. di additivo No Fire Powder.
La proporzione può essere mantenuta semplicemente calcolando che ogni 2 cicli di pompate di resina 10 10 CFS con le minipompe da 4,5 kg e 30 kg, vanno aggiunte da 5 a 7 cucchiate di polvere. Invece usato la confezione da 1,5 kg, ogni 4 cicli con le micropompe si aggiungeranno da 2,5 a 3,5 cucchiate.
Mescolare bene a applicare con un pennello con le setole tagliate perché il prodotto è piuttosto denso e duro da applicare oppure stendere con la spatola con denti fini e poi passare sopra il pennello per rendere perfettamente omogeneo. Se si sceglie la percentuale più alta di No Fire Powder la resitenza al fuoco diventa molto più marcata. Se si aggiunge anche una piccola percentuale di C-Colour Past giallo si ottiene anche un’ottima visibilità.

confezione da 2 kg

C-Colour Paste

are coloured inert pastes which, if added in 5-10% proportion (weight) to the resin (A+B), give it a colour base.
If used with C-systems’ 10 10 CFS white they show a higher dispersion and cover. They are very suitable to be used in the bilge, in the peaks, cockpits, cabooses because the resin richness and its full colour make these surfaces more “treacly”, easy to be cleaned, and when colours like yellow are used, even a faded light will give extreme clarity to the things we are looking for. The C-COLOUR PASTE is available in white, yellow and black.

confezione da 200 g