Deco-deck paint is a breathable rubber, elastic paint, easily applicable by brush or roller. Ideal to solve out problems of wooden decks, fiberglass, steel and aluminium. No more primer for an easier application.
Deco-deck is water based, has no need of primer and is applicable on all surfaces (exception for polyethene and its derivatives) previously cleaned, degreased and lightly sanded.
Deco-deck eliminates hair cracks and spider net effect over gelcoat, and blocks eventual water penetration.
Deco-deck is ideal also to regenerate rubber boats, to fix patches and fix frayed parts

DECO-DECK video Short Movie

DECO-DECK surface


New wood or bare wood. Deco-deck doesn’t require any primer. Anyway to give additional strenght to the wood we suggest to apply previously one-two coats of C-Systems 10 10 CFS. The next day wet sandpaper to eliminate eventual amine and apply Deco-deck after having delimitated the area with 3M 471* tape.
New or bare metal. Protect the metal with one or better two coats of Nautilus Epoxy Primer. Delimitate the surface using 3M 471 tape. Apply the coats of Deco-deck by brush or roller.
Fiberglass decks in good condition. Sandpaper slightly the surface. Use a metallic brush for slide-safe parts. Delimitate the surface using 3M 471 tape. Apply the coats of Deco-deck by brush or roller.
Fiberglass decks presenting roptures, cracks. Clean using an H.P. cleaner and let drying. To repair cracks, just brush them with C-Systems 10 10 CFS and then use an hair dryer cold air to let the resin go deeply. After about 30 minutes remove the eccess of resin 10 10 CFS with paper or rag. Leave drying for at least 6 hours then delimitate the area with 3M 471 tape. Apply few coats of Deco-deck by brush or roller.
Decks with Decolay antislip coating or James Walker or worn out TBS. Wash and clean properly. Delimitate the surface with 3M 471 tape. Apply few coats of Deco-deck by brush or roller.
(*)The use of 3M 471* tape, allow to apply more coats of Deco-deck without removing the tape between every coat. When removed, it doesn’t leave any trace of tape on the surface giving a sharp cut. To obtain a smoother surface (vertical parts) it is possible to dilute Deco-deck with water 5 – 10 %.
Cleaning and maintenance of tools: wash with water.
Deco-deck is available in White RAL 9016 and Grey RAL 7035 in 1 lt and 2,5 lt pack.
Product yield is 1,5 mq/lt to get the suggested thickness of 250/300 microns.
More info on request contacting our resellers or our office.

Polyurethane, semi gloss, elastic breathable clear varnish.
It allows humidity to evaporate of more than 9 gr/m2 every 24 h. High resistance to weather conditions and marine environment. Deco-deck Clear guarantees a great antiskid surface when used together with Antiskid Powder.

Clear elastic varnish for wood protection. It blocks water penetration and allows moisture to evaporate.

Wooden decks with problems of moisture infiltration:
Wash the surface or sandpaper it. Apply the first coat of Deco-deck clear over bare wood diluting with 70-100% of water.
Wooden decks with epoxy treatment:
Light sandpaper of the surface and following application of Deco-deck coats.
wood trated with wood stain: Deco-deck Clear is applicable over non film-coating products.
Over colored Deco-deck: light sandpaper the existing Deco-deck then apply 1-2 coats od the Clear one. This will keep the surface clean without changing the original finishing.

Deco-deck Clear is easily applicable by brush or roller.
Tools cleaning: wash with water.
Product yeld: about 2 mq/liter (cosidering all coats).
We do suggest to delimitate the surface to be covered with 3M 471 tape.
It is possible to apply more coats in the same day with the exception for the first one. Always sandpaper slightly whitin coats.

DECO-DECK application over fiberglass deck